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New Bottle Tags for Water Service Route Delivery Use

March, 12, 2010, Utica, New York

The WaterBasket Company has designed and printed "Bottle Tags" for water delivery service people. Founder and WaterBasket inventor, Brett Truett reports "We're intending to supply water service route drivers with the tags. They'll go on the necks of blue 5-gallon bottles and act as a sales message to their customers."

Water cooler customers will then inquiry about the WaterBasket. When a purchase is made, a code on the tag credits the route driver. "WaterBaskets are hollow cylinders and shipping them on the water delivery trucks is not practical." Truett continued, "But with these tags, customer will order from and receive their WaterBasket from us, but a sales commission flows to the route delivery person using the bottle tags."

Still a niche product, The WaterBasket Company is working to expand adoption by increasing support to route drivers and water distributors. WaterBasket is a cylinder-shaped basket that fits down and over, round, 5-galllon bottles. Designed of high quality, hand woven rattan, each WaterBasket will bring a very pleasing look, and new utility to the ubiquitous blue water bottles.

Please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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