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Cold Winter at The WaterBasket Company, But this WaterBasket Is Going to the Caribbean

November 17, 2008, Utica, New York

Today one very lucky WaterBasket is shipping out of Utica's frosty Upstate New York winter! The WaterBasket Company wishes to spread a message of warmth on a cold November day, with the announcement of an order from the sunny Caribbean.

"Through the wonders of the Internet and our website, we're happy to say a Natural-color (Model WB1-N, SKU# 20001) WaterBasket is going to the beach!" exclaimed Brett Truett, the owner of The WaterBasket Company. "Actually, according to the purchase order faxed to us, this one appears to have a future hanging out on a cabana on Saint John in the Virgin Islands." reported Mr Truett.

Most company orders have been from local and regional customers, as full promotion is not yet under way. However, serendipitous orders like these warm the heart and is a testament to the smart decor the WaterBasket™ provides.

Please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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