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New Product Brochure & Promotional Literature Released

June, 10, 2007, Utica, New York

Marketing is ramping up for coming promotion of the WaterBasket™. The WaterBasket Company today announces production and delivery of its first marketing tools designed by the M&G Group. Initial features and benefits of WaterBasket&tradeis are described in a four color promotional flyer and other brochures. Additional standard business cards, letterhead and basic business forms, both electronic and hardcopy are now in place.

"We are very pleased to have our plans coming together. The new materials look really great!" exclaimed Brett Truett, founder and inventor of The WaterBasket Company and product." Continuing, Truett mentioned, "The bottled water delivery business is very expansive. We are working to partner with forward-thinking firms; as they know the routes and customers, and we feel we have a product that will increase their customers' satisfaction. In addition, retail outlets and in the future Internet sales will be available."

WaterBaskets will come in four colors. Each is a cylinder-shaped basket that will fit down and over, round, 5-galllon bottles. They are being fabricated by hand weaving processes using premium rattan over strong, metal, frames. High quality and designed for long life, each WaterBasket will bring a very pleasing look and new utility to the ubiquitous blue water bottles- and last for years to come.

Please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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