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The WaterBasket Company Partners With Mayflower Trade

April, 5, 2007, Utica, New York

Today The WaterBasket Company announced another partnership, this time one with Mayflower Trade LLC and its founder Barry Sinnott. Together the companies are preparing to supply bottled water customers with an innovative product called WaterBasket™. This new bottle covers will add functionality to and elevates the common water cooler to near furniture status.

As shown at left, Mr. Sinnott has been working on The WaterBasket Company's behalf to qualify and select Asia suppliers. WaterBasket inventor and founder, Brett Truett commented "We were very fortunate to meet Barry Sinnott soon after we started looking for suppliers. While we had already placed an order with a Vietnam-connected vendor, China was high on our list of partner countries. After just a couple meetings, I was very eager to work with Barry and place his talents to work." Truett continued, "As any business person knows, we in the USA read daily headlines of China manufacturing and economic successes."

Truett went on to explain, "Barry was yet another person that cares deeply about the Utica community and was prepared to help area business become more successful. In my mind's eye, linkages with China would be critical. Barry quickly understood our needs and then acted very diligently to interview, select and commence sourcing of WaterBaskets."

As of press time, and as shown in these pictures, Barry and Mayflower Trade are working with a Dongying-based supplier on the northern coast of Shandong province, People's Republic of China. According to Barry Sinnott, "It was a great opportunity for Mayflower as well. Recently my career direction was shifting and was anxious to help Utica-area companies partner with China." Mr Sinnott speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and earned a International Business degree from Boston University.

China-made WaterBaskets will join others sourced with the help of another local Utica business with ties to a Vietnamese-based basket supplier. Together these suppliers are preparing to help The WaterBasket Company meet customer demand for the novel WaterBasket water bottle covers.

You can contact The WaterBasket Company by telephone at +1(315)793-2003

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