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The WaterBasket Company Releases Guide for Water Service Route Sale

July 20, 2010, Utica, New York

The WaterBasket Company has published a guide for spring water delivery service team members. Brett Truett, company founder and WaterBasket inventor suggested "Water service route drivers see a great many people using water coolers. Our concise binder offers tools and tips that will allow them to present and answer WaterBasket-related questions."

Truett feels that a good many customers might not question the look of those large blue bottles. "However, once they see the simplicity and beauty that WaterBasket provides they'll be hooked", explained Truett. "And for the help in promoting WaterBaskets, a sales commission flows to route delivery persons." The guide is available to qualified route sales/water distributors, and is ship after a Distributor Form is completed and returned to The WaterBasket Company.

A niche product, the company is working to expand adoption by increasing support to route drivers and water distributors. Each WaterBasket will bring a very pleasing look, and new utility to the ubiquitous blue water bottles.

Please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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