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Utica New York Inventor Picks From His "Idea Database"

October 23, 2006, Utica, New York

During the last year, local inventor Brett Truett spent time looking at his "idea database". It is a place where he tracks ideas for products and services that continually pop into his head. He was seeking one that he could turn into a new business.

Truett explains, "I did this for a few reasons. First and foremost is that I'm an inventor. And secondly, while my current company (SoftNoze USA Inc) is going very well, it has in many ways painted me into a corner- where I'm busy all the time, but too often it has very little to do with inventing!" Truett continues, "Third, SoftNoze has a huge opportunity, yet its size and revenues while growing nicely prevent us from having the capital we need- so I have decided to become my own venture capital partner."

Truett selected an idea he has come to call WaterBasket. It's an idea that been around his office for a few years. "At some point while working at my start-up, SoftNoze, I started using a spring water delivery service," explained Truett. "Originally I was thinking of a way to insert or attach messages to the bottle, a little bulletin board space if you will." Then, in an attempt to dress-up the blue water bottle, Truett placed a plant on top of the bottle. Various designs ultimately turned into a woven cylinder that slips over bottle and also includes a space at the top for plants or other decorative items. "That's how it got started," exclaimed Mr. Truett.

I'll be placing some spare time into this product as it allows me to address my idea database, which is my real passion. When successful, we'll use funds generated to support SoftNoze; where we have many ideas and needs there as well." Truett continued, "Oh, and I have follow-up ideas for water coolers too. As things get off the ground, I'll be better able to self-fund SoftNoze, and then other ideas I've discovered."

Truett commented that he planned to continually work to grow his companies, using creativity and the ideas he accumulates in his database. "My efforts are to create good jobs and prosperity for my community."

The WaterBasket Company will be located at 10 Liberty Street in Utica. This historic, canal-era, building will hold future inventory, sales and marketing offices, as well as order fulfillment.

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