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WaterBasket Company Accepts First International Shipment & Inventory

February 18, 2008, Utica, New York

Today The WaterBasket Company has accepted its first international shipment and inventory. The container shipment held a new and innovative product, water cooler bottle covers called WaterBasket. With this step, and additional supplier shipments nearing, the firm is closer to rollout.

Company founder and WaterBasket inventor, Brett Truett, was present to oversee shipment and inspection of goods. Truett reported, "Our building has been configured for these and other needed goods. It's extremely exciting to see the products arriving in bulk, they'll consume considerable space!" The company is prepared as the building is over 20,000 square feet and also acts as their headquarters. Soon the inventory will begin being converted into customer shipments as blue water bottles undergo much anticipated beautification.

WaterBasket is a cylinder-shaped basket that fits down and over, round, 5-galllon bottles. Inventory has been purchased from Chinese, Vietnamese, and US-based suppliers. Calls and pre-orders from pre-production have been transacted, according to Brett Truett. Truett continued, "Based on early feedback from our first customers, we are encouraged that today's inventory will reverse quickly."

Contact The WaterBasket Company by telephone at +1(315)793-2003 or visit their website at

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