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The WaterBasket Company Offers a Guide for Selecting Hanging Plants

June 14, 2011, Utica, New York

Just released, The WaterBasket Company is offering a guide to hanging plants. The WaterBasket cooler bottle covers are best teamed with hanging plants. "Our aim is to offer some insights, as these are common questions we hear," commented WaterBasket inventor, Brett Truett. The new guide was made possible with help from the award winning Joe Keyse of the The GreenMan Show.

WaterBaskets are sometimes combined with artificial plants or fruits, or real fresh fruits. However the new guide will help others select a live indoor hanging plant. As one reads, there are many options. The WaterBasket Company's new guide offers some insight as to the choices and species available.

Hanging plants and WaterBaskets transforms water coolers very quickly. "You'll go from a glaring blue spotlight, to a vibrant addition to the surrounding decor" Truett suggests, and adds Within just a week or two, you will think your water cooler looks naked with WaterBasket and the plant is removed."

Indoor Hanging Plant Guide (PDF)

WaterBasket is a cylinder-shaped basket that fits down and over, round, 5-galllon bottles. Designed of high quality, hand woven rattan. The lower portion of WaterBasket hides the bottle, while an upper portion can hold a plant, fruit or other decorative item. Either way new utility to the ubiquitous blue water bottles is now possible.

Please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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