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Inventor Saw New Concept, Artists Go Further & Non-profit Raises Funds

September 20, 2008, Utica, New York

The WaterBasket Company recently helped sponsor a local charity event with Sculpture Space. Their joint effort benefits artists-in-residence, and in return six artists designed six very unique WaterBaskets. These one-of-a-kind WaterBaskets now have new owners, as they decorate some very cool water coolers.

Sculpture Space supports sculptors who come to Utica, New York, as residency participants. Each year 20 artists are selected for a two-month residency. Since 1976 Sculpture Space has helped advance the careers of more than 500 national and international artists.

This year, The WaterBasket Company provided six artists with bare metal, WaterBasket, armatures. They then designed six WaterBaskets that were actioned-off to raising operational funds for new artists and events at Sculpture Space.

"Water coolers are ubiquitous, and so too are the glaring blue bottles," mentioned Brett Truett. It was this situation that led the inventor to develop different ways to "dress-up" the bottle. "In my investigation I saw pillow case like covers, and also a few cooler manufacturers offering a plastic cover. "However, these solutions are not very refined and or don't do much to hide the appliance look."

Truett went on to praise and identify with the event, "Their space and the artists are a wonderful asset to the community. And the work they do is in many ways like what an inventor does, so visiting Sculpture Space is a great joy for me. Helping them to sustain themselves is an even great pleasure."

Now, six artists have taken the WaterBasket to new heights and for a good cause as well. Their work can be seen at left as the inventor poses with their work. "In the future The WaterBasket Company will do this again, and we will also offer our armatures and specifications to other artists as well," Brett exclaimed. He continued, "Demand for and creation of decor items is unlimited, and we wish to get all the help we can."

Let the company know if you're an artist, and wish to get involved, and as always please contact The WaterBasket Company for additional information by calling us at +1(315)793-2003.

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