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Waterbasket Sponsors Harvestfest & Artist Work at Liberty Street Headquarters

August, 11, 2012, Utica, New York

Today The WaterBasket Company announced its support of a neighborhood arts and cultural event in Bagg's Square East & West called HarvestFest. The sponsorship is a continuation of many years supporting Utica Monday Nite, a longtime music and cultural festival in Utica, New York.

Dates for HarvestFest performances are September 28, 29 & 30. In addition to a monetary contribution, The WaterBasket Company will mount and host a large sculpture in its street front window. The art display will combine with a number of other local businesses doing the same. The HarvestFest seeks to build awareness and foot traffic in Utica's oldest downtown districts Bagg's Square East & West.

"The event is a chance to work with artists, and our neighbors, to improve our neighborhood. It is some of the same energy and people that lead to my purchase of this building and the reason the WaterBasket operations are here. Together we are working to rebuild a somewhat discarded, but very historic area. In fact it is Utica's most historic." Comment Brett Truett, the owner and inventor of WaterBasket.

Lynne Mishalanie, HarvestFest organizer, went on to offer "Brett has lent my community-building efforts his financial and moral support for many years. It is local business people like Brett that will resurrect these old buildings and neighborhoods. It's been shown in many places that creative people and artist get things started- and this's exactly what HarvestFest is all about."

The public is encouraged to come to Bagg's Square East & West, and other downtown locations, throughout August and September to view the art exhibits. HarvestFest events are available in printed brochures, stop downtown or call for a copy.

Please call (315)793-2003.

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