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WaterBasket Supplier Partnership Between Vietnamese Noodle Shop Owner & Inventor

December, 18, 2006, Utica, New York

What was once just a delicious lunch stop for local inventor and Utica businessman has turned into a supplier-partnership. Today the WaterBasket Company has announced an agreement with Pho Mekong Restaurant owner Hua Thach in sourcing the company's upcoming product from Vietnam-based basket makers.

Truett explained, "I had been enjoying wonderful Vietnamese soup and meals at a local restaurant, the Pho Mekong. Eventually, as two businessman will, "Pooh" and I started talking about Utica's immigrants, the economy and local politics." Time pasted, and our friendship developed. Truett continued, "One day I asked if Pooh if he could help source rattan baskets? To my surprise he was both delighted and very eager." From this setting the Vietnamese restaurant owner set out to establish the necessary connects in Vietnam.

Specifications for the wire frames, weaving materials, and Waterbasket™ colors have been established confirmed Truett. In the coming months and years "high cube" 40 foot shipping containers filled with the WaterBasket™ water cooler bottle covers will arrive in Utica New York from Vietnam.

"Much excitement in having opportunity to work with Brett. We enjoyed many conversations about business, my birth country's cultural and economy- so good to have talking become partnership between Utica and Vietnam!," exclaimed Mr. Thach.

The WaterBasket Company is located at 10 Liberty Street, Utica. For more information, please call them at (315)793-2003.

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